Hellarious Blu-ray
Hellarious Blu-ray

Hellarious Blu-ray

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There's a brand new, devilishly funny collection of horror short films out to kill with audiences just in time for Halloween ... and there’s going to be hell to pay.


Introducing Hellarious: a once-in-a-lifetime feature collection that brings together seven of the most legendary horror comedy shorts ever made. The stories, from some of the world’s best genre filmmakers, feature a hilarious menagerie of zombie wives, amateur satanists, reverse werewolves, cannibal lunch ladies and more -- along with gust-busting gags, gross-outs and gore.   

Included in Hellarious: Lunch Ladies by Clarissa Jacobson and J.M. Logan, Horrific by Robert Boocheck (ABCs of Death 2), Death Metal by Chris McInroy, Born Again and ‘Til Death by Jason Tostevin and Randall Greenland, Killer Kart by James Feeney, and Bitten by Sarah K. Reimers.

Also included exclusively on the limited edition Blu-ray is the world premiere of A Very Important Film, directed by Shayna Weber, a parody send-up of self-important festival films created as a promotional short for the Lunch Ladies segment.